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How to choose the right front end development technology for your website?

Well! You open a browser and type in the URL and press the enter. The site loads instantly, So what do you see? Yes, it closely takes you to an intuitive, lucidly constructed pages and hypnotizing visuals.

Very Greatly, The people & tool is more responsible for delivering every part of the experience? Web Developers.

As the web technologies and scope of mobile devices gets modernized, the entrance to it quickly develops. The Web developers and designers are the extremists who complete their attempts to be in more mind-boggling and convoluted way. The unexpected changes in each and everything which is seen by the client and prepared with collaboration put a path to the advancement of new advances in front-end improvement, for example, frameworks, tools, and libraries. This significantly connotes that the technology rises in the regions of development and design pop-ups every year and letting the older ones get aside. After the couple of talks with the designers of Contus, we have made a more critical take a gander at bringing the best front end advancement advances that organizations are centered around strengthening their client experiences.

front-end-development (1)

Here comes a list of top front-end technologies used in Contus to bring superlative results.

Angular Js:

Considered as one of the most widely appreciated and used front-end development tool. It’s being a Google’s Product, the versatility in its versions is huge. This Javascript based open source front-end web improvement structure is overseen by a network particularly to go over in creating single page application. The intense and proficient Javascript is a much-utilized structure to make Rich Internet Application (RIA) and furthermore, help each designer to assemble a customer side application in a most coherent MVC (Model View Controller) see. Angular JS have been rated as 4.6/5 by the developers of Contus for its intelligibility and Performance.

React Js:

The most popular Javascript library for building choice UIs and rich web applications. Known for its simplicity, Scalability, and utmost speed. React Js is managed by Community of developers, Facebook and Instagram. According to recent research on Google trends, React Js has been considered as more requested and Popular development instrument because of its additional tool that aids the development of machine-reading codes and aggravating of segments into a single-time verifiable file that one of the greatest feature JSX to create UI in real-time. Owing to its inimitable features and outcome-oriented performance, Contus developers have rated 4.8/5 for React JS.


The second most featured task on GitHub with having in excess of 123,000 stars. Bootstrap, one of the mainstream free open source library implied for planning instinctive and intense cross-program. An HTML and CSS based plan layout for interface parts, Navigations, and typographies. It comprises of a few devices and expansions, for example, jQuery UI Bootstrap, jQuery Mobile Bootstrap topic, BootSwatchr and much more resources. Since the Bootstrap framework is known for its customization, it has dozens of CSS frameworks to choose from, to design a website and supports popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Due to its extreme popularity and performance, Bootstrap thrived its favorites from 800% to 1,000% in recent years, Contus Developers have rated 4.2 /5 for the Bootstrap framework.

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