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How To Get Feedback From Your B2B Clients?

If your business involves catering services or products to other businesses, client feedback doesn’t always come in easily. Unlike online B2C marketplaces, social media trends & awareness do not drive sellers to improve products constantly in the online B2B marketplace industry.

Although every business eventually deals with people, be it clients or customers, feedbacks are important to both B2C and B2B enterprises. Remember, feedback holds the potential to give your customers what they want. The also forge credibility and a long-term working relationship with them.

Client feedback can help you drive results towards client satisfaction. Get the most out of your sales and marketing efforts by utilizing feedbacks in the right way. This can improve customer relations and provide aid with sales growth & brand awareness.

Here are a few tried & tested strategies that are bound to effectively ease out the whole process and help you make use of feedback optimally.

Selective Over Random Feedback

Getting useful feedback from clients is not something that comes naturally always. Although B2B companies are not very keen and proactive about setting up feedback programs, intricacy & scale parameters make it mandatory for B2B companies to ask for feedback from their clients often.

Make sure you utilize negative feedbacks to improve future service and customer relationship. Selecting feedback from major clients and allies can guide you to work according to the people that make most of the buying and other purchase decisions.

Strategize the Questioning Process

Before bombarding your clients with any feedback queries, ask yourself why you need this and how it can help you? Asking tiresome questions can eventually bore your clientele into either abandoning the entire processor providing you with the irrelevant information you certainly cannot use.

Create survey forms by asking yourself about what information you ‘really need’ as one wrong question is enough to make them give up the entire answering process. Make sure users don’t have to think or answer long lengths of questions in order to relay the information.

Gain Your Client’s Trust

A B2B service provider deals with various people (managers, executives, subordinated operational staff, sales, services, and other project team members) in every organization that they supply goods or services to.

You can start building customer priority by treating your client as an entire organization instead of getting worried about individual preferences.

Be available for your clients by making every effort to understand their vision. Also, take out time for face-to-face interactions as they speak volumes in comparison to forms and polls.

Survey Tools & Twitter Polls

Polls and survey tools allow you to figure out exactly who said what in a B2B setup. Survey polls are a clear demonstration of how happy our customers are and also help us figure out ways to improve services.

Online surveys are a good way to collect relevant data from your customers. There are various tools like Delighted, Google Forms, Twitter Polls, Wootric, ClientHeartbeat, etc. that one can utilize to engage clients in a feedback system.

There are many ways in which you can deploy a survey. Make use of emails, website, phone calls, the good old personal contact or a mix of all these for client engagement. Using incentives & promotions like cash backs, rebates, gift cards and sweepstakes is a smart tactic to attract clients into giving a feedback.

Use Feedback for Client Engagement & To Find Counteractive Solutions

Customer engagement & feedback can be useless if a B2B company doesn’t step in, collaborate and fulfill those needs. Since getting B2B client feedback can be tricky, you need to make use of user survey & activity, usability tests and feedback boxes to your advantage.

Interact with your clients as much as possible and this will set you apart from the competition. Host events to get face-to-face with your clients and show them personally that you care for the success of their business.

And The Lesson Is…

You may never expect this but the best people who can promote and sell your products and services may not be a part of your sales team. They are the ones who actually use your services. A good word of mouth goes a long way for B2B companies.

Remember, customers are the key to help you explore your potential & improve overall service standards using the same. Iterate a process suitable for getting useful feedback from both current and future clients.

Ultimately, great customer relations improve the way your business works. Create relative communication channels and focus on customer retention to get the most out of your B2B clients. Engage in a centralized strategy and work as a collective entity to maintain and expand your revenue generation avenues.

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