Importance of Mobile App Development for your Business 

There is no doubt that, for any business to succeed in this competitive era, adapting the changes and evolving with the growing trends is highly important. In any case, the businesses fail to recognize this importance and are unable to sustain themselves in this digital fascination of the present time. Things being what they are, what can help businesses from falling on because of innovation?

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The only thing that can help businesses to hit the right mark is MOBILE APPS…

A conventional way of marketing like hanging billboards, handling leaflets, printing advertisements in newspapers etc. are some of the 80’s-90’s solution that doesn’t hold any importance today. This arrangement in the present period can never help to establish a connection with customers and hence, cannot succeed in the 21st century.

So, in such scenario, mobile apps becomes a top priority for any business to streamline workflow and reach out customers successfully. Mobile apps serve as a platform to reach out your voice to the global target audience and help you to climb your business goals.

Example to follow:

Domino’s Pizza sales hiked up by 19% after developing a mobile app. The company grew its online ordering business through its mobile app and boosted sales by 20% in the UK exclusively to 214.5 pounds million in sales across the group, 200 million pounds of which were in the UK.

Let’s zero it down some of the reasons…

Increases brand loyalty: If the business wishes to retain their customers and gain new customers, it needs to have a compelling brand identity in the eyes of a target audience. Engaging mobile apps help the brand to increase customer engagement and help to stand tall amongst competitors. Rewards and loyalty programs are the proven tools to build the brand loyalty.

For instance: Starbuck’s in-app based loyalty program helps to provide loyalty award stars as in-app points. If the customer is registered at Starbucks; have La Boulange / Teavana card and earns the desired points, they can get a chance to grab a free drink. This Starbucks mobile loyalty app is highly admired by the customer as it has increased the brand loyalty by offering customer-centric campaigns and personalization service.

Builds brand recognition:

One of the most important things to increase your brand recognition is to increase communication and awareness about the brand. The more audience trusts you, more probable they will focus on your brand. Consequently, developing a mobile app can be a stage to set up associations with the clients. IIf you develop a mobile app which is user-friendly and have intuitive features then customers can surely involve and engage with your app. And when the customer thinks about product service, your brand will be the first one to recall.

Connects with on the move customers:

People are always on the move… going to the school… going to the work… going to the gym… going to the restaurant… driving etc. When they are indulging in any physical activity, they do not have access to the laptops/desktops etc. but they do have access to the mobile apps. Hence, mobile apps provide you with an opportunity to showcase your brand across the globe. One of the recent research says that adult people spend about 3 and half hours a day across phone and various apps. This means, if you develop a mobile app, you can get an opportunity to connect with the customers wherever they are on the move.

Helps to provide personalization:

You can create an emotional bond with your clients via mobile app in By knowing customer’s likes, dislikes, their shopping preferences etc. You can send personalized offers and show that how much you care about them. With the mobile app, it is easy but difficult to integrate behavioral data and profile data to provide personalization service to your customers and discounts. With the bespoke solution, you are more likely to meet the requirements and needs of the audience and convert them to the frequent users.

Results into more profits:

When clients are satisfied with your brand, it normally results in expanded deals. Besides, it said that purchasing knowledge is impacted by how clients are being dealt with. The more you satisfy your client, they’re more disposed to your application and make a buy. The expansion in the mobile application without a doubt gives a decent return in the long future. In the event that you build up a mobile application and responsive website both, you will see a noteworthy increment in deals and enhancing improving customer engagement.

Act as a marketing tool:

Customers can get to their business by sitting in any corner of the world at any time. Regular use of the app strengthens your image when the client needs to buy anything. Also, it can be effectively coordinated with Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, which means in a single tap your customers can share your brand and their experience on social media. With the mobile app, you can offer push notification to your customers and prospects at the right time and the right place.

The Bottom Line

Mobile app development surely provides a platform to enhance brand visibility and increase customer engagement. With the high-end advanced features, user-friendly app interface and the optimized app performance, your app will surely climb the ladder.

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