The Benefits of Google Page Posts (1)

The Benefits of Google Page Posts and How to Take Advantage of Them

The first test of this new feature goes the way back to the 2016 US election, where candidates could use this new component to discuss straightforwardly with individuals who were looking at them.

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By early 2017, Google Posts were rolled off to many prominent public figures and organizations. Later that year, the feature was opened to everyone using Google My Businesses.

Google Posts are overseen from the “Posts” tab on the My Business board. In this blog entry, we’ll go over how to exploit Google Posts, and what you have to consider to make the perfect post. You may likewise need to consider seeing what you can do to enhance your page positioning for significant ventures previously doing Google Posts.

Type of Content

What to put on a Google Post depends entirely on what kind of content you have on your site, and what kind of products or services your site offers, if any. If you are a news site, it would probably benefit you put the latest featured article here for instance. If you are operating an e-commerce site, something you want to promote, possibly a sale or a particular item, should go here.

A restaurant could show something that looks delicious in the photo with some text to go with it, possibly that day’s specials. If you offer services, a blurb about what you,u can offer the potential clients is a good idea. This is what we do.

Be sure to check out Google’s content policy for posts.

Post Lifespan
By default, all posts have a week-long expiration date. This allows the posts to be fresh and relevant to current events or promotions. You cannot simply copy one week’s post into the next week, so you’ll need to have plenty of fresh content ready. Old posts will show when users click on them.



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Most post types allow for an optional button. You can choose from a list of button types shown left. In this button, you place a custom link, or for the “Call Now” option a phone number.

The accepted length is 100-300 words, and between around 100-120 characters will be shown on the desktop, cut to the nearest word. This is determined by the width of the panel on the desktop, so you can’t make it exact.

On mobile, the amount of text shown will change with the screen size, and can possibly even show the whole text on some devices.

Image Size
The dimensions of the image also change on desktop wildly, and as a general rule, you’ll want to center the subject as much as possible. The sizes of a regular post are 187x 140, 140 x 140, 250 x 130, and oddly the widest one is the smallest screen width on the desktop. If users are viewing the post directly, the size will be 406 x 304. Google requires posts to be at least 720 x 540 and less than 5000 x 5000.

On mobile, the image size is much simpler, and will be between 139×140 and 187 x 140 depending on screen width.

Regular Posts (What’s New)
With a regular post, a picture and some text will be shown with an optional button. These posts will show up in the search results for 7 days after they are created, and keeping best practices in mind you should probably make a new Google Post every week. If you have made more than one post in the past 7 days, they will show up in the form of a carousel.

Event Posts
Posting an event allows you to pick a date range and the post will stay up for that duration. Note that it’s probably not a good idea to abuse this to get around the expiration date of the regular post. This should be for things like sales, special events like concerts, and other things with a date or finite time range.

In addition to the same 100-300 character text and optional buttons as regular posts, events allow you to have a title with a maximum length of 58 characters. “4th of July Sale” or “Get your Tickets” are examples of appropriate things to place in the title.

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