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How Mobile apps Development Company develop mobile apps and place in Google store.

Mobile Apps Development is a process of developing application software for mobile applications. Mobile applications are the simplest and most creative these days. Mobile apps can be easily developed by using some tools such as Android Studio for Android apps, Xcode for iOS apps developing the apps.

Firstly, for creating Android Apps We have to download and install Android Studio which is a very easy and good platform for developing Android Apps? Android Studio is easy to use development environment to learn on. It’s best if one has a working knowledge of the Java programming language because it is the language used by Android.


Steps for Downloading, Installing & Using Android Studio:

  • Download Android Studio from
  • Install Android Studio
  • Installing Android Studio one can easily develop android apps.
  • Crete the Android APK. And your Android app is ready.

For developing iOS Apps one can use swift programming language developed by Apple. Swift programming language is very easy for developing the iOS apps. IOS Apps can be easily developed by using the Xcode platform. It is a very easy and good platform for developing iOS apps.
Steps for Downloading, Installing & Using Xcode:

  • Download Xcode from
  • Install XCode
  • After installing Xcode one can easily develop iOS apps.
  • Create the iOS APK. And your iOS app is ready.

How to place the app in the Google Play Store:

  • Create a Google play Developers Console Account.
  • After creating the account fill the personal and professional details.
  • Upload the app for testing.
  • Wait for the approval.
  • After approval, the app will be published in Google Play.

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