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How to Find a Good Blockchain Developer

What’s the hottest topic in technology at the present time? It’s cryptocurrency money, and for a lot of people, it’s not even close. Seasoned and easygoing financial specialists alike are checking the estimation of computerized monetary the value of digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ether every single day—and Blockchain is the technology that makes all of this possible.
Blockchain development has changed from a passion project to a viable and well-paid career. Since enormous business has gotten on to the numerous applications and value of blockchain, these few skilled blockchain developers are hotly sought after by companies who are finally jumping on the bandwagon and trying to integrate the technology into their services.

Recruiting these looked for after people are proving incredibly challenging for both startups and set up partnerships. As of not long ago, blockchain technology was just a fringe-technology investigated by a little yet an enthusiastic community. Along these lines, blockchain designers have a tendency to be unique in relation to different workers. Their unique situation means that HR needs to try new tactics in order to find the best blockchain developers.

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How to Hire a Good Blockchain Developer

You Need to Know What You Are Looking For

Consider the different aspects of your company, as well as the kind of blockchain project you are embarking on.

  • Are you a startup or a big corporation?
  • What is your company culture like?
  • Would a blockchain developer be excited to be part of your project?

There are numerous factors that will affect what kind of developer you will hire, for example, the type of project, its length, the number of people you need, whether you need experts in the field or just enthusiastic individuals whose skills you can develop. It may even be better to outsource the project to a specialist blockchain development firm, or even this collaboration between Microsoft and ConsenSys. Outsourcing can relieve you of the hiring pressure and allow your company to focus more on its core services.

The individual qualities will act as a filter for those who need to be part of your project. It will also influence what you should offer them in order to get them onboard. If your project appeals to the blockchain developer mindset, you will probably find it much easier to find the right staff.

Understanding Blockchain Developers

Great blockchain developers can be very different from the rest of the workforce, even those within the IT sector. This is because blockchain technology was an outsider interest that has just barely started to have a real commercial impact in the last couple of years. The result of this is that the best and most experienced developers tend to be in it for the passion, while other strong candidates are entering the industry because they see great opportunities in blockchain technology.

In saying this, most great developers are a far from tinfoil cap wearing crazies. The blockchain network is a wide church, with what’s coming to it’s of moderates and techno-business people also. There are excellent blockchain developers who see the technology only for its usefulness and have developed their skills with a specific end goal to make money or to help advance our society.

The important thing for a business looking to hiring a blockchain developer is that they hire someone with a background that fits in with their company culture and goals. The wrong kind of developer can result in an unproductive working relationship.

Look in the Right Places
How does your company usually look for candidates–job ads? LinkedIn?

Throw out the traditional methods, because they aren’t extremely successful in finding the perfect developer. You can stand on the rooftop and yell out, ‘Looking to hire an experienced blockchain developer,’ but the odds are that great candidates won’t be within shouting range. They probably aren’t looking at traditional job boards either–those with in-demand skills don’t need to.
Understand Their Biggest Challenges at Work
When you recruit any developer type, knowing some of their biggest challenges shows candidates that you’ve done your homework. To Blockchain developers (or anyone considering transitioning into it full-time), it shows them that you understand the learning curve that even “experienced” engineers face. Here are a few of the most common obstacles they face at work.

Complexity. This probably isn’t a huge surprise. According to CoinDesk, Blockchain technology is full of entirely new vocabulary for developers to learn, understand, and apply to their work.
Integrating with legacy applications. Vijay Michalik, a research analyst for Frost & Sullivan, told CNBC that the practicality of implementing decentralized cryptosystems falls outside of the traditional IT development skill-set.
Scalability. Preethi Kasireddy, a Blockchain engineer, says that because blockchains are “decentralized,” every component of the network needs to process every single transaction. Although there are benefits to this, she adds that it comes at the cost of scalability.

If you want to find a good developer, you need to look for them in their natural habitat. Because of the nature of blockchain development, many of them have multiple projects on the go and aren’t actively seeking out new work. That doesn’t mean that they won’t be intrigued if the right opportunity comes into their peripherals.

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