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How to Find and Fix Broken Links in a WordPress Blog

Broken links should be mended on time. A broken link guides the visitors towards a file or a page which exists no longer and displays an error 404 page not found Your guests will return disappointed and this may put a negative effect towards your site if the number broken connections are expanded. Once in a while, this connection is said as a dead connection. Numerous sites include broken connections that are unavoidable. At the point when your website ends up old, the outbound connections excessively improve, and in this way, the probability of dead connections too upgrades with the progressing time. So you have to keep your eyes on such connections and repair them legitimately to maintain the better nature of your blog(s).

I have discussed here how you can find and fix broken links using some specific tools in your WordPress blog or website easily.

1. Google Webmaster Tools [Free]
Google Webmaster Tools is the finest method to find out broken links, 404 errors, URL errors and server errors on the Crawl Errors page in the Crawl segment of the main menu. While clicking on the error, you’ll come across details regarding the broken links where the error was noticed. By clicking on the Linked From tab, you’ll view where exactly the broken link was hit upon. On fixing up the code, the broken link will be mended and thus it won’t show a 404 error page on the particular Google Webmaster Tools.

2. Broken Link Checker [Free]
Broken Link Checker is known to be one of the good link checking solutions that has the ability to do scanning of your entire database and exhibit the broken links; emphasizing the link text, the http status code; and the page/post in which the link can be explored. You can simply choose the broken links and select to rescan, spot them as unbroken, and unlinking the link. The scanning of your database by this plugin can be conducted often and emailed to you if a broken link is found out.

3. W3C Link Checker [Free]
World Wide Web Consortium or W3C includes a link which finds out the broken links. As W3C is accountable up tooling the web standards, thus their link checker is suggested because it can carefully identify all the broken links seen on your site, and repair it well.

4. Addme.Com Link Checker [Free]
This is yet another broken link checker where you’ve go into your site address, choose one or more category options for your site, mention your verified email address and name, and further press on Click Now button. This tool is crafted to spot any broken links [404 errors] in your site. It will creep into your site, and fabricate a descriptive report that sketches out any type of broken links found on the website. After the checking is done by the Link Checker, a link will be emailed to you giving a full report.

5. PowerMapper Broken Link Checker [$149]
With the help of this plugin, you can search out the broken links as well as missing images, and also find out errors with RSS, CSS, flash, scripts, etc. Online link checking solution is accessible of PowerMapper. It provides a free assessment, but with 10 images and pages offered in the report. This plugin sells from $149, with their Tablet and Mac set OnDemand Suite pricing $49/month.

6. Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool [Free And $99/Year]
This plugin has the ability to get into your site and offer a descriptive report on errors, broken links, Meta information, missing header tags, etc. It can even craft an XML sitemap for your site. The free version has a creeping limitation of 500 URLs, whereas the premium version eradicates it at a price of $99/year. For utilizing the software for every SEO feature, you should select for the premium version.

7. IWebTool Broken Link Checker [Free]
It is an essential link checker which does scanning of your site links. This broken link checker has a huge variation of web tools including speed tester, Backlink checker, PageRank checker, etc. The website even provides an effectively broken link checker to decide whether links maintained on your site are executing properly or are dull.

8. Permanent Finder Plugin [Free]
WordPress users can find this plugin very helpful as they can solve their issues easily. Permanent Finder can scan your website and attempt to search for the most suitable content that is like the linked content in order that it doesn’t exhibit you error page 404. While you’ve shifted or reframed your blog, this particular plugin stands significantly as it can really assist you in administering the SEO damaging hugely.

9. Link Checker [Free]
Being a site validator script, the Link Checker is accessible for free for Mac, Windows, and Linux under the GPL. This plugin can move into your site for the broken links and offer details which can be sent in HTML, CSV, SQL, XML, or normal text.

10. Online-Domian-Tools.Com [Free]
Known to be a handy tool, the Online Website Link Checker lets you verify easily that your site comprises of broken links or not. The web surfers get irritated to see that the link on which they’ve clicked is not executing rightly. As broken link stands as a serious problem, the Online Website Link Checker tool can solve this issue quickly. This tool will get into your web page stated by you, and craft a list of many links on that particular page, and further, it will test them to ensure that these links are applicable or not.

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