Smart Ways to Get Backlinks for SEO in 2018 (1)

Link building techniques for successful SEO | NetForth Software Solutions

Link building techniques for successful SEO

Using press releases to gain awareness and backlinks to your website was at one time an interesting topic in SEO, however, like everything that is hot in SEO, it is immediately overlooked. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not beneficial -far from it! Online press releases are still a compelling method to repurpose content you are already creating for traditional PR and use to your advantage online. I’m amazed when reviewing backlink profiles how often it’s a tactic that’s missed.

What are the benefits of using Online PR?

If you’re not using this technique, here are 4 reasons why you should consider it:

  1. Help establish your business as a thought leader & build credibility
  2. Create new inbound links through distributing your press releases
  3. Keep your customers & industry colleagues up-to-date on your business
  4. Create new traffic opportunities to your website through increased brand searches and traffic from the areas you distribute your release

Creating / Editing your Press Release

Without a doubt, the hardest part of the Press Release process is creating genuinely engaging content which is going to be liked and read by your audience. As with all content marketing tactics, you need to ensure:

You know your audience intimately – what they enjoy reading and find valuable etc.

  • You have a content/title plan to help you structure your content creation
  • You are consistent and stick to the process and deadlines

Depending upon the size of your business and the parts you have you may already now be creating Press Releases if so you should to edit these for use on the web and use them. If not then I am afraid you should compose your own, one a week would be ideal but at a stretch one, every two weeks should ensure its worth your time and effort!

I recommend thinking about how you separate and segment your releases so you release each to a limited readership rather than a one-size fits all approach.

Optimising for the web
Whether you are amending press releases that already exist or create new ones there are a few simple rules to follow when writing for the web.

  • Ensure you use headings and sub-headings
  • Use bullets and images to break up long reams of text and make them easier to digest
  • Always have press contact information and a link to your website
  • This link is more effective within the body (an editorial link)
  • The first link should feature anchor (hyperlink) text including the keyphrase you’re targeting (not just the web address!)
  • It’s often best to deep link to a specific service rather than to the home page
  • Use words that people looking for the kind of topic you are writing about would use

Content ideas for your press releases

This is the creative part, where PR agencies often excel. Here are some ideas:

  • Interview industry experts
  • New product launches
  • Market research
  • Business performance (i.e. year-end results)
  • Reaction to market changes – (i.e. record number of unemployed graduates – your business launches an internship scheme)
  • Business activity such as participating in a community project

Launch Press Release onto your website’s press area

The first place you should put your press release is into the press area of your website. Similar to blogs press areas are generally content organized by the date it was published and archived by month. Most press areas will incorporate a media pack and also contact details. Guarantee your press release gets the proper introduction on the website and ideally allow people to comment on the press release once they arrive there.

Similarly consider the traffic that land on this new press release page, what links, products, call to actions should be made available to visitors due to their relevance to the press release! Contingent upon your business you might need to incorporate a bit of the press release in your next email broadcast.

Don’t forget to bookmark your press release with services, for example, Digg & Delicious. Using a tool like Only Wire will make this straight-forward!

Distribute your Press Release

Various sites/networks exist that allow you to publish your press release into a relevant category on their site. Typically they then distribute this content to partner destinations and so forth. Depending on the quality and pick-up of your press release it can sometimes work its way onto large news portals such as Yahoo News & CNN, not only that but other people use sites like this to find content for their own site.

Regularly bloggers will copy the whole press release to their own website, which thus produces you a link and gifts your brand further exposure. This part of the process is key to generating links back to your website and the better the quality of content/idea the more effective it will be. Obviously, each website you publish to creates another opportunity for your content to rank in search engines, which ultimately will mean increases in traffic to your website.

To get your content onto these networks you simply need to make a record at any of the websites underneath and in addition any I have missed and publish your release by completing their online form each time. Some sites will allow more flexibility than others when it comes to hyperlinks, please only create links where relevant, more links in a release does not necessarily mean it’s better for your SEO.

Popular Press Release distribution websites

  • Source
  • Click
  • PR
  • Market
  • PR News
  • Business

Some websites do offer the chance of further exposure if you pay a relatively small amount of money. I would not recommend using these premium services on a regular basis. However if you have a particularly strong story I would recommend trying it a few times to see if there are increases in performance (i.e. views, links, traffic and sales)
Analyzing your Press Releases
As with traditional PR, online press releases are hard to track effectively especially compared to other channels. However, as long as you are always consistent in how you report you will always be able to get indicative numbers to help you review your performance. Each website you distribute on will likely have built-in analytics which will tell you how many times it was viewed and clicked on. Overlaying your website analytics to see which website/network generated traffic, sign-ups and sales will help you complete the analysis.

Core KPIs:

  • Uniques direct from press-releases
  • Inbound links from quality sites
  • Social bookmark links
  • Visits / Sign-ups and sales

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