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Top Off-Page SEO Techniques to be Followed

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques in 2018

Check out the following steps to learn more about the trending most Off-Page SEO Techniques.

1) Creating Shareable Content
Creative content is always a leader in boosting your search engine ranking. Frequent sharing and expansion of reach is always a smarter path to generate better and natural backlinks to your blogs or webpage. In addition to that research and analyzation always keep it fresh and updated.

2) Influencer Outreach
If your content is capable of catching enough eyeballs on the web then you must reach out to influence marketers who belong to your industry. Influencers can help you in generating authentic do follow backlinks if they find your content worthy of digging into. Always check that domains you are receiving backlinks from are high in authenticity.

3) Contribute as Guest Author
Guest posting is always a great way of receiving quality backlinks since quality carries a higher value than quantity. There are innumerable blogs who allow guest posting from various authors given the quality of your post and proper verification. It is always advisable to avert from posting blogs multiple times on any particular guest blogging site.

4) Social bookmarking sites
Social bookmarking sites are great platforms for boosting engagement as well as spreading awareness about your website. They are good at creating quality backlinks that in return helps you in generating traffic too. Some of the popular social bookmarking sites we suggest are Stumbleupon, Tumblr, Slideshare, Slashdot etc.

5) Forum Submission
High PR Forums that relate to your website can give you high quality do follow backlinks through active participation. These forums allow questions-answers and creation of several posts. Putting queries and sharing knowledge with the other community members will help you make a good connection that can boost your engagement as well as traffic.

6) Directory Submission
The directory can be a good source for finding and storing information. In fact, it has turned out to be a good procedure for building backlinks. Though this method does not impact a lot during the initial phase, and in the long term cases, it is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic and backlinks. Some important directory submission sites are a1webdirectory, street, SEO directory online etc.

7) Article submission
There are several websites with high PR that allow article submission. It is always a better idea to attach your link in your article so that while reading that article, visitors can discover your site and you can generate high traffic. Also make sure that your articles are of high quality, unique and do not have much keyword stuffing in order to avoid rejection from the website administrator.

8) Question and Answer forums
Among high PR backlinks, question and answer forums are considered the best methods to generate authenticity not only in SERPs but also among the niche audience. For example, just log on to high PR Q&A forums like Quora and search for questions related to your topic and answer clearly so that your target audience can find your answer and some of them might click on the links too.

9) Video submission
Similar to articles, you can also submit your videos and popularize them through different video submission sites. While submitting videos you can also attach your links, title, descriptions and more importantly you can also tag your keywords which will be very effective in generating quality backlinks since most of the popular video submission sites are of high PR such as YouTube, Daily Motion, Vimeo etc.

10) Image Submission
Have you ever tried to find out the source of images you see on the search engines? Apart from websites most of those images are sourced from image submission sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Shutterfly, Flickr etc. It is suggestible that while uploading images on different image submission sites you should make the title and description of those images very catchy and include keywords so that they can be searched very easily whenever users are searching something related to those images.

11) Infographic Submission
Creating and sharing infographics is another prominent way to promote your website and build quality backlinks. Its popularity is growing widely on the internet since it provides not only images but also comprises quality information about a particular topic. While submitting infographics you should not forget to attach reference links to your website or blog and always take care of the sizes since they differ on different websites.

12) Document Sharing
Sharing documents can also be an effective way of improving your Off-Page SEO. They do a good job if you have any documents related to your business, you can simply upload or submit them on document sharing websites but make sure that the quality of the content is good and informative enough to make users read them without any confusion.

Good optimization of your On-Page and Off-Page will give you a good ranking on search engine. Hope this blog will help you in understanding and utilizing the Off-Page SEO techniques. If you have any query, do share it in the comment section. We will love to hear from you!

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